Wimbledon 2019 Schedule


 2019 Wimbledon – Schedule of Play





         July 1         Monday                  First Round          12.00pm
         July 2         Tuesday                  First Round          12.00pm
         July 3      Wednesday                Second Round          12.00pm
         July 4        Thursday                Second Round          12.00pm
         July 5          Friday                 Third Round          12.00pm
         July 6        Saturday                  Third Round          12.00pm
         July 8         Monday                  Round of 16          12.00pm
         July 9        Tuesday      Women’s Quarterfinals          12.00pm
        July 10      Wednesday        Men’s Quarterfinals          12.00pm
        July 11        Thursday        Women’s Semifinals          12.00pm
        July 12           Friday           Men’s Semifinals          12.00pm
        July 13         Saturday            Women’s Finals          12.00pm
        July 14          Sunday                Men’s Finals          12.00pm

Where to watch?

Viewers from the Southeast Asian region (Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar and Thailand) can tune in to the FOX Sports Network to watch Wimbledon 2019.

Fans in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives can watch the matches on Star Sports (Select). You can also tune in to Hotstar Premium for the live coverage.

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