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2019 Wimbledon Picks & Predictions – Here’s What You Need to Know

The Wimbledon 2019 kickstarted on Monday in London and here we have the experts picks for you. This year’s Wimbledon is nothing like before because the stakes are high and both men and women matches are going to be very exciting. There will be a big competition between the big three with Nadal and Federer winning their opening rounds.

So, who are the expected picks and favorites for the event? Well, sit tight because we have all the information for you here.

What to Expect From This Year’s Wimbledon?

Well, this year there will be lots of exciting things happening because we never know what Roger Federer is up to. What is the plan of Novak Djokovic to defend his title? But one thing is for sure these top payers will use every trick in their box to win the title this time around.

Novak Djokovic

Let’s start with the defending champion and the man who can successfully defend his title this time around too. He is the favorite for the Wimbledon 2019 and the top pick by all the experts of the game. He has been going really strong over the years and his last year performance completely solidify his position to win the title again.

Patrick McEnroe says that Djokovic is too solid in every area on the grass and he can definitely give tough times to the likes of Federer. So, what makes him a strong contender to win the title? Well, if you see he has been going really strong except his loss in Paris. Now he is a wounded tiger who will make sure that he defends his title successfully. He moves on the grass very well and he knows how to pace the game.

He is the holder of three out of four majors and if he gets going then it will be very difficult to beat him. He also has a edge because he will not be facing Nadal or Federer in his half of the draw.

Rafael Nadal – GOAT to be?

So, are we really going to see Nadal become a GOAT this year and do the unthinkable? Well, all this is definitely on the line and he can really become one of the best players of the game in the upcoming Wimbledon 2019.

The third seed Nadal won his opening match but he got off to a slow start. But then managed to win the match at the end. The big three will have a strong chance of making it to the final of the tournament. Nadal, Federer and Novak Djokovic will have a strong competition because these are the hot favorites to win the title.

Roger Federer

The man just survived a disaster in his first match of the Wimbledon 2019. The 37 years old Federer won the match with 3-6 6-1 6-2 6-2 on Centre Court. He faced South African debutant Lloyd Harris in the first round and now he will be facing Britain’s Jay Clarke in his next match.

There are high hopes for the Eight-time champion but he will have to step up his game if he really wants to go ahead in the tournament. The way Harris created problems for the greatest player of all time was really exceptional. He was facing him for the very first on the grass and the way performed it was really astonishing. He kept going with thunderous serves around 130mph and he covered that up with some strong groundstrokes in a first set.

So, from here on the greatest player of all time will have to step up his game and he will have to come stronger in his next game. Because every player in the tournament is working really hard to make a statement and if Roger Federer really wants to win the title then he will have to live up to his name and reputation.

The Dark Horse Contender?

So, who is the one who can make it big even though he isn’t that famous? Well, according to the experts there is one who can really turn the game around and that is Augar Aliaassime. He is the potential to beat any player on the given day and on the grass surface he has a strong chance of winning against the likes of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

So, these are some of the experts picks for the upcoming Wimbledon 2019. What do you think who has the ability to win the title this time around? Will it be Djokovic or will it be Nadal who will come on top? Let us know your comments in the comment section below.


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