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New Betting Sites For 2019

Looking for new sports bookmkaers? On the comparison table below you will find a whole host of brand new sports betting sites, all with their own unique set of features and offers.  Betting on sports remains one of the most popular forms of gambling, and while there are dozens of operators to choose from, more enter the market every month.

Unhappy with your current bookie? Looking for something new? Try one of these new bookmakers today.

Check out all of the latest betting sites for the UK sports betting market this month. Find full details of each new betting operator’s welcome bonuses and offers and a full review of their sportsbook and casino offers.

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There are various ways to make cash online, and betting is one of them. At the comfort of your house, you can make money with a click of a button. In the past, it was all about analyzing, watching, and cheering different teams.

Well, sports have taken a new direction. It’s not all about cheering teams or persons who would win at the match. This has since changed to a lucrative business. It is no longer cheering but earning while cheering. The profitable business has everyone on toes and each wants to try their luck.

You are given a chance to predict who is to win a match and with what points or goals. This has removed sports from the pitches to our phones and laptops. Therefore, you can choose to watch a match or place a bet. And wait for the cash at the end of the game. This has led to the emergence of new betting sites worldwide, and each comes with a unique package.

Where can I find the latest online sports bookmakers?

Finding brand new regulated betting sites can be difficult on while searching on the web. Moreover won’t always bring you up the right search results of new bookmakers.

That is why here at LatestBettingSites.Bet we provide a comprehensive list of all the newest bookmakers that are available in the United Kingdom.

There are new betting sites mushrooming every day. They all come with an offer, which is irresistible. I came across one early this year, and I must say their product packaging was excellent. The odds were on my enticing and on my side. I felt it deep within my bones that I would have the cash in a few minutes. All I had to do is place a bet on the football team of my choice and wait.

Which I did and afterwards I noticed the odds had been changed. What they used, in the beginning, was different from the odds at the end of the game. The winning team had a lesser odd, by 2.0; it was changed from an odd of 3.5 to 1.5.

Finding new betting sites can be difficult, and trawling the web won’t always bring up the right results. That is why here at LatestBettingSites we provide a comprehensive list of all the newest bookmakers that are available in the United Kingdom.

Advertiser Disclosure: LBS rating tables are presented to give betting customers the best offers and present the latest betting brands. We do receive monetary compensation from the brands advertised on our site.

We have worked with the UK’s leading bookmakers for years, and have unrivaled knowledge and contacts within the industry, allowing us to offer our readers the most detailed information.

New sports betting sites

Before signing in on a website, ensure you have done your research. Here are some things to look out for before signing up.

  • New PayPal betting sites

It is a factor to consider when you want to enroll in a betting site. There are various wagering sites in the world, and each has different kinds of payment method. PayPal is the one that stands out among the payment methods that you have used before.

It is the most secure and reliable wallet. I am sure you have used it to buy products online or send money to family, friends, or relatives. It is a trusted online wallet where you can carry out transactions safely and at the comfort of your house or office.

The platform is being used by various gambling sites allowing you to deposit or withdraw cash. The transactions are fast, and within hours, you can access your funds. Most websites use it since it is the most trusted mode of payment worldwide. This, in turn, gives you a sense of security and effectiveness.

  • Payment methods

There are also other means of payments being offered apart from PayPal. The accounts that you sign up for are connected to your banking facilities. This means the transactions you do on the site are handled from the bank. It proves to be an easier way to access fund from your bookies, and it’s convenient.

If you opt for this kind of method, then you can click the payment options page. This gives you different financial institutions to choose from.  It includes both the local banks and even international banks.   The payment options available include:

  • Switch
  • Western Union
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Solo
  • Visa or Master debit or credit cards
  • What are the Benefits?

This is a question you must ask yourself before signing up. You will have to ensure that what you are enrolling for is worth your time and money. There are various bookmakers that you can choose to sign with. The difference is how they package their products. Some of them will give you bonuses immediately an account is created and others won’t. When out looking for the newest site to have your fortune made look for those with bonuses.

Technology is something you cannot ignore when it comes to bookmaking. Sites are spring up daily the only difference is the tech used to make it. The software has to be updates to the latest version. Making the website user- friendly and more convenient.

You would want an interface that understands your next move before making it, right? Therefore, look at the tech used in the making of the site.  Is it the latest version or does it require an update to reach a desired standard?

Promotions and rewards are other aspects that you have to look into. The company shouldn’t offer bonuses only but also free bets to the consumer. The free bets should not cost you even a dime to place; it is to be regarded as a promotional tool. This will attract wagers to your product.

With mobile phones becoming a basic need in our lives today, betting companies must invest in mobile apps. This gives the punter an easy time to access the site, placing their stakes any time. Who knows, may be the wheels of fortune might be on their side at that time.

Live betting and streams is also a thing that sites must add to their products. Not everyone wants to place their bets blindly anymore. People want to want to see the progress on the odds placed. It enables them to plan earl if they are to play again or call it a day. This gives them a sense of accountability and security.

  • Customer service

It is an important aspect that you have to look into before registering your name to a gaming site. We all want a service provider who is always ready to hear and sort out the problems we have at an instant. This is a grantee that we will continue to enjoy their services smoothly, without any hiccups. Their services are to be in real time for 24/7, since time is money in this line of business.

A second lost will cost you dearly. Hence, before opening a new account find out if their response time is perfect. This can be done by looking at the reviews of the site, in which other consumers talk about the brand. If it effective or not.

  • Security

In the digital world, security is a vital part that cannot be ignored. This is because hackers can use a slight chance given to them to wreck your life. The bookmakers must have the latest software in their websites and it is updated every time. And whenever they notice discrepancies in your account, you are to be notified immediately.

The mobile apps have to be updated as well, and nothing should be left to chance. The firm should also protect your information and not disclosure to any party. If that is done, then you are required by law to sue the firm for damages.

I would suggest that you read the terms and conditions of the brand before signing up. This will help you understand more about the security of the site. Never assume that the terms and conditions of a particular bookmaker are similar to another; this kind of ignorance will cost you.

A safety gambling guide

Research done has shown that gambling is slowly becoming a disease that needs to be controlled. Most of the people, once they take this path, turning back, won’t be easy for them. Therefore the new sites are supposed to have a responsible gambling protocol.

The punter has to be evaluated before being allowed to place a bet. It may seem to be a long process but isn’t.

The first step is the self-examination test. This enables the firm to know if you are a risk of developing a gambling problem. The next step is the deposit limits in which the site gives you a wagering limit that you cannot surpass. Though you are encouraged to set your budget limit to ensure you do not end up gambling all your wealth.

The third step of the process is the reality check. This is where the organization assesses your daily activities to see the time you spend on the site. Plus the money used during the period. If they notice a red flag, then you will be notified immediately and advice accordingly.

Finally, the site offers you a self-exclusion policy. This is where you are allowed to take a break from the betting site as long as you want. Therefore, you may suspend your account for six months, one year or even five years. But still, come back and find the account just the way you left it.

  • What are the Disadvantages?

Nothing is perfect underneath the sun, and even the sites have drawbacks that we have to be aware of. The big problem with this kind of sites is whether to trust them or not. Some of the bookmakers are here to bring fun and profits to you, while others are only present to milk money from you.

To cab, this the local governments have introduced laws that govern the industry. It has helped to do away with the rogue bookmakers. I would suggest that you be careful with the sites you want to register with, do your research first.

The new sites come with different interface versions. This is something that you have to learn and unlearn compared to the old version. Though, they are designed with shortcuts to make your navigation easy. All it takes is time and patience.

Examples of new betting sites include

  • EnergyBet
  • LeoVegas Sport
  • SportNation
  • MansionBet
  • Green
  • Karamba
  • Sun Bets
  • TonyBet
  • 10Bet
  • JetBull

New sports betting sites

Different firms in this field have decided to specialize in a particular kind of sport, which does well according to their sales. It has seen the emergence of bookmakers that are only focusing on one brand. There are various games that one can bet on including, football, horse racing, E-sports, National football league (NFL), National Basket Association (NBA), golf, cycling, boxing, swimming.

When you want to sign up for an account you will have to identify the sport that is desirable to you then place the bets. For example, if you choose football. There is a site that specializes in football matches though there are other games.This includes the odd and the promotional package that comes with your registration. Immediately you log in the website or mobile app, you will realize football has been given the upper hand compared to other sports.

This is because the firm looks at football as a brand that will market them. If you are a fun of UEFA Champions League, The English Primer League or World cup you name it. All the games happening are featured on this platform. This happens even when the games are being played at the same time; hence, you can still place your bet.

You might decide to place a multi-bet to increase your chances or stick to a particular league.  Examples of these sites are

  • Bet365
  • William hill
  • Unibet

E-sport is the new version of betting sites. Most of the sprouting bookmakers are moving towards this form of business. The E-sport website is a platform that gives one a chance to bet for a game. Unlike the normal betting site with players active in the fields the game is made up of characters in a computer.

It is a computer-generated game. For example, if you are to bet on a football match it won’t take 90 minutes, which is the average time but less. The game might take 15 to 30 minutes, and you have your results whether win, lose, or draw.

For impatience punters, these are some of the sites for you to bid on 

  • Betway
  • Mr Green
  • Pinnacle sports
  • LeoVegas


Horse racing is also a sport on its own. Some people love this particular sport compared to any other kind. Some sites major on this kind of sport though there are other games found within the platform.

It is one of the oldest games in the world. Their punters are given a chance to select the best horse to win the race. This is a sport that is loved by few who still enjoy watching the horses battling down on the racecourse.

      Some of the sites that offer these services include

  • Betfair
  • 888sport
  • Paddy Power

No matter the sport you find thrilling and enjoyable to watch. You will always find a site which caters for your needs. That is if you want to make money from supporting an individual or a team.

New betting sites in United Kingdom (UK)

The state regulates the sites in the UK, and there are no short cuts for one to operate such a business. To be on the safe side of the law, you will start by obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The commission protects both you and the consumers.

By doing so, the rogue bookies cannot enter the market to exploit the innocent customers.  Therefore it is a haven for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with the product.

Before signing up for an account, ask for a valid UK license. You can never be too sure about a new booker since some of the firms might be rolling on Goodwill of the commission. Therefore, the site must have a logo of the UKGC. This will show that it has met all the set standards and follows the rules and regulations of the body.

The body comes up with a set of rules to streamline the industry. This has made it a world-class betting hub that everyone is looking to set up or even join this elite group.

It has given the consumer and the producer things to except form the site. This enables it to remain at the top of the table in the market.

  The expectations include

  • Consumer protection policy
  • 3rd party protection
  • A robust method of payment
  • Quality customer service
  • Frequent bonuses
  • Competitive odds

In the previous year’s adverts that were done by the companies deprived the consumer of some information. For example, when an advert is placed about odds or free bet. The firm would hide a bit of information about what the odds or the free bet. The board has since advocated for transparency, and any advert placed on the site or any media should have detailed information. Nothing should be left to the imagination at the expense of the consumer.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)

The body is in charge of handling disputes that may arise between the service providers and the consumer. This should be your last result after the negations between you and the firm fail to bear fruits. The commission also helps the punters to under standard there rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

It is a government agency that is in charge of ensuring the industry is safe and not toxic. Through the body, communications are monitored between the consumer and the firm. This ensures that if you self-exclude yourself from the site, you do not receive any information from the firm. It includes phone calls, messages, and emails. The firm should respect your decision and not try to rope you back in.

The organization also place a part in determining the places where the adverts shall be placed and not where to place. It has regulated the number of free bets that a company gives. Marking the industry fair to all parties and competes on a leveled ground.

The organ also stamped a clause on the betting sites that free bets mean no deposit. This was a way in which the companies duped the consumers into signing up with them. The body comes up with this polices as a way of regulating the sprouting bookers in the country. Therefore if a firm decides to use this phrase in their advert, they will have to state no deposits are needed froth hand.

BeGambler Aware

The organization should be the one receiving all the credit as it has had a significant impact on shaping the industry. These policies being used in the market today were established by the agency. It saw protecting the consumer was important. In the beginning, the sellers were the ones who were protected compared to the buyers. This made the industry to be one-sided, but after polices where passed both parties were represented. None is superior to the other as each will answer to the law of the land.

Their logo guarantees customer protection. Therefore no one should be taken advantage of when in the gambling sites whether you are betting or gaming. The origination also states the set of responsibilities that should be undertaken while in the bookies.

  • No Bonus Offers Sent out to Excluded Customers
  • There should be a displayed sign of 18+ to discourage underage’s from partaking in the games
  • The bonus that the firms propose should have the terms attached to them
  • The Self-exclusion database has to be updated continuously
  • The company should deny excluded punters a chance to bet and deposit
  • Failure to comply with the conditions results in penalties

Examples of new betting sites in the UK are

  • FanBet
  • LV Bet
  • MoPlay
  • ComeOn!
  • Royal Panda
  • Mobilebet
  • Genting Bet
  • Bethard


Betting is a good business for the country’s economy. The revenue collected from these firms is used to fund other sectors of the economy. This leads to development and employment opportunities. Also, the firms take part in community development, which improves the living standards of individuals. This proves the business is not only about profits but the lives around which contribute to the firm’s growth.

Therefore betting firms are to be responsible and not to take advantage of the masses. The government should continue to implement tight laws. They are to be flexible and should be amended depending on the gambling industries.

You as a player should be responsible

and budget for your income. Let it be that all you use to bet is the surplus which remains after taking care of your expenses. Let’s bet responsibly and be accountable.

What are the advantages of the new betting sites?

New betting sites have a number of advantages over established brands, which can offer punters a better experience and enhanced profits. As new sites look to establish themselves in a highly competitive market they need to stand out against their competition and provide their users with the best service.

Bigger bonuses

Typically a new betting bonus offer from a brand new bookie site will eclipse that of an established brand. Why? Because bookmakers want to get new customers onto their website, and what better way to bring them in with an eye-catching new welcome offer.

Better odds

The competitive nature of the gambling industry means that the site with the best odds is invariably king. This means that it’s vital for new bookies to have better odds than the rest of the market to keep punters coming back to their sportsbook.

More features

Gambling is no longer restricted to a highstreet bookmaker, on at the side of the track. With mobile apps, state of the art sportsbooks and constant innovation operators compete to provide their customers with the best platforms. New bookmakers will often have a unique angle to their site or sportsbook, and by shopping around all the latest betting sites you can find one that is right for you.

New bookmaker offers

We ensure that we find the best new bookmaker offers to share with our readers. On the comparison table above you will see details on the current welcome offer available at each bookmaker, allowing you to sign up instantly.

There is a wide variety of different welcome bonuses that operators share:

Free bets

The free bet is the cornerstone of offers and provides punters with a great incentive to sing up. An example of a common free bet would be a bet £10 get £30 offer. This means the punter deposits £10 of their own money and receives an additional £30 of credit to use from the bookmaker.

One thing to note, the “free bet” usually comes with terms and conditions, and you will not be able to withdraw the bookies credit without wagering it first.

Sign up bonus

A sign-up bonus is quite simply an offer you receive when you join a site for the first time. A popular offer will be a 100% match on your first deposit up to a certain amount. By creating an account and depositing your own money you will receive the same amount as your deposit in bonus form from the operator to be used how you wish. Again, Ts&Cs apply.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus stands out from the other types of the welcome offer as there is no requirement for the punter to deposit any of their own cash. Once a new player has registered on the site their account will be credited with their no deposit bonus. Check the Ts&Cs for full details on how to claim your winnings.

How do I know if a site is trustworthy?

As punters ourselves, we know how important it is to trust the bookmaker you’re entrusting your money to. You need to know that when that bet wins, your winnings can end up in your bank. At LatestBettingSites we only work with sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), meaning you can bet in confidence with any of the bookies listed on our site.