Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting Odds 2019-20

Premier League Top Goalscorer Odds For 2019/20

Top Goal scorer is one of the most keenly contested side bets on the Premier Fotball League is that of which player will finish top goalscorer and will be awarded the Golden Boot of the league.

Here is our Premier League odds for Top Goalscorer.

Three Favorites Players to Win Golden Boot Next Year

English Premier League is one of the most decorated leagues in the world. The thing which makes it the biggest and most watched league in the world is its action-packed matches. They have the best players in the world in their league and even the small teams have wonder kids who’d score some jaw dropping goals. Last year the Golden Boot was shared by three players and that clearly shows how tough the competition is for golden boot.

Here we have three players who can win the Golden Boot next year

# 3 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Although there are rumors that Arsenal are looking off-load Aubameyang but we don’t see any other player of that caliber coming to Arsenal so he might stay here for a year or two.

Pierre-Emerick-Aubameyang-top goal -Top Goalscorer Odds

The goal machine was phenomenal this year and the reason why he is on the list is because the whole Arsenal revolves around him when Lacatezze is not playing, which he is not most of the times. Arsenal have been successful when they in this formation and they will hopefully continue playing like this in the upcoming season as well. So there are huge chances that Aubameyang will be one of the highest goal-scorers in Europe this season.

# 2 Sergio Aguero

One of the deadliest strikers the world has ever seen. Sergio Aguero is a complete package. He has everything, he is an amazing finisher of the ball and he is a team player as well.

Aguero- top goal scroer -Top Goalscorer Odds

Aguero has the ability to turn the whole scenario in seconds on his own. Aguero will definitely be the player to look forward to in this season. Not because of his individual skills but also because of the support he has on his back. With players like Sterling, Silva and Bernardo assisting him he can surely be the player of the season as well as the top scorer.

#1 Sadio Mane

The most underrated footballer in the world. Mane is an A-lister when it comes to skills. The pace he has, the dribbling, the finishing and the stamina, he is the undoubtedly the MVP of EPL’s last season.

sadio mane top scroer -Top Goalscorer Odds

He is the major reason why Liverpool has emerged as the new giants of Europe. Mane adds balance in the team, he is always there to attack and you’ll see him in the midfield when Liverpool needs men to defend. He will surely rule the next season.

Premier League Golden Boot Winners

Season Winner Club Goals
2018-19 M Salah – S Mane – P Aubameyang Liverpool – Liverpool – Arsenal 22
2017-18 Mo Salah Liverpool 32
2016-17 Harry Kane Tottenham 29
2015-16 Harry Kane Tottenham 25
2014-15 Sergio Aguero Manchester City 26
2013-14 Luis Suarez Liverpool 31
2012-13 Robin Van Persie Manchester United 26
2011-12 Robin Van Persie Arsenal 30
2010-11 C Tevez – D Berbatov Man C – Man Utd 20
2009-10 Didier Drogba Chelsea 29
2008-09 Nicolas Anelka Chelsea 19
2007-08 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 31
2006-07 Didier Drogba Chelsea 20
2005-06 Thierry Henry Arsenal 27
2004-05 Thierry Henry Arsenal 25
2003-04 Thierry Henry Arsenal 30
2002-03 Ruud Van Nistelrooy Manchester United 25
2001-02 Thierry Henry Arsenal 24
2000-01 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Leeds United 23
1999-00 Kevin Phillips Sunderland 30
1998-99 D Yorke – M Owen – J-F Hasselbaink Man – Liv – Lee 18
1997-98 C Sutton – M Owen – D Dublin Bla – Liv – Cov 18
1996-97 Alan Shearer Newcastle United 25
1995-96 Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers 31
1994-95 Alan Shearer Blackburn Rovers 34
1993-94 Andy Cole Newcastle United 34
1992-93 Teddy Sheringham Tottenham Hotspur 22



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