Premier League – Four Most Valued Players 2019 -20

Sadio Mane - most valued player

Who is Premier League Most Valued Player for session 2019 -20?

Punters are looking forward to bet on the most valued player of the Premier League, we have put together the top 4 players

The English Premier League is home to the majority of football stars at the moment. Yes, Barca, Juventus, and Madrid have the biggest stars but when we talk about the leagues, no league has more star names than EPL. Not only that, but the English League has also made many players big and the biggest example of that is Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba.

Last year, we saw many extraordinary performances especially from Hazard and Van Dijk but this season is going to be different. We all know EPL is the most unpredictable league in the world and the Premier League odds always confuse you but here we have four names who can the most impactful and valuable players this upcoming season, based on their recent performances and the things which they are capable of. 

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4. Mesut Ozil

A German international is an assist machine, and an assist maker is always more valuable than the goalscorer, Ronaldinho taught us that.

epl one of the valued player

But this season, Arsenal is going to be a tough task for others. We all saw how they picked the pace at the end of the last season and Emery will hope to carry that form this year as well. And with Auba and Lacazette on front Ozil will have the most important role to play.

3. Paul Pogba

Although there are rumors that he might leave Manchester United if he doesn’t he’ll have to play like the backbone of United. He’ll be the Ronaldinho of Barca or Jese Rodriguez of Colombia as he’ll be in the center rotating the whole team around him. He can do that, he has everything in his arsenal. He can create chances, he can score, he can tackle, he is a complete package and that is the reason why he’s on the list of every manager.

Paul Pogba most valued player

If he commits his future with Manchester United, he’ll have to play more maturely which he does but only in few matches and we all know how lethal he becomes when he’s playing with responsibility.

2. Virgil Van Dijk

Van Dijk is going through the time of his life and so are Liverpool fans. Klopp, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Van Dijk, Allison, they have the best batch of players ever, they’ll be creating history this year.

Virgil-van-Dijk - epl valued player

Virgil Van Dijk played like the wall of China, he didn’t show any mercy for attackers. With Liverpool hoping to win this season he’ll have a big responsibility on his shoulders.

1. Sadio Mane – Premier League Most Valued Player

The most talented player in the EPL at the moment. He is phenomenal. The Senegalese sensation will is the most valuable player of the EPL at the moment because of the role which he’s player at the Anfield.

Sadio Mane - most valued player

He’s behind the majority of Liverpool goals, some he score and the others he assisted, his pace separates him from others and that’s not all he is always there to defend for the team as well. His Stamina is better than any other player in the league at the moment, he recovers in good time as well. He’ll be the most valuable man and the difference between Liverpool and other clubs this season.

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